‘Why Gwydir Shire?’ Competition

November 22, 2013

A new competition has been launched this week asking residents of the Gwydir Shire to tell the world in 25 words or less why it is fantastic to live in the Region.

The ‘Why Gwydir Shire?’ is part of the successful Come On Inland campaign for Regional Development Australia Northern Inland (RDANI), which focuses on attracting businesses and families to relocate to the Northern Inland Region.

“To complement this campaign, we are interested in hearing from local residents why they think it is great to live where they do,” explains RDANI Executive Officer, Nathan Axelsson.

“The challenge will be to keep to 25 words or less. The main judging criteria will focus on words that best showcase the local area.”

“These competitions will alternate between photo competitions and word competitions and will be rolled out throughout the Northern Inland region during the next few months.

We hope they will appeal to both photographers and wordsmiths alike,” said Mr Axelsson.

“There is no stronger or compelling advertising than hearing from local people. We really hope that each local community will see these competitions as a wonderful way to promote where they live to our city cousins.

“And let’s face it, the more people who choose to visit and move to each region, the stronger and more vibrant that region becomes.”

We encourage anyone to apply. The ‘Why Gwydir Shire?’ competition will close on Sunday 8 December. An iTunes voucher will be presented to the winning entry.
For further information please visit www.comeoninland.com.au or Facebook comeoninland.