Wider Gwydir Vision 2030 to be launched with ‘Disruption, Change and Opportunity theme’

June 9, 2017

After many months of community surveys, the collecting of citizens’ thoughts and ideas, and the summarising of these into one document, the Wider Gwydir Vision 2030 report is ready.

Disrupt Change & Opportunity

It will be launched on Friday, June 23 by our local NSW MP Adam Marshall at an all day Workshop at the Roxy Theatre titled ‘Disruption, Change and Opportunity’ and subtitled; ‘Keep calm and keep innovating, with a view to 2035!’

A full day’s program to examine the future of our communities in Gwydir Shire and across rural Australia is being put together.

The theme, ‘Disruption, Change and Opportunity’ was decided because it provides a realistic view of our future. There will be disruptions! Who knows what will be the next life changing event? Be it tragedy, surprise or delight, life deals us strange cards.

Change is the only certainty and opportunity might be just around the corner or be many years into the future.

How we deal with disruption, change and opportunity may determine our health, wealth and happiness.

At the June 23rd Workshop, three future elements will be considered:

  • The first is Agriculture; the dominant industry of the Gwydir Shire and the industry primarily responsible for the food we eat.
  • The second is Finance; how will we earn a living and fund our wishes and our plans?
  • The third is Business; what will provide us with a living, and what jobs might we have to choose from, two decades from now.
The Living Classroom

Picture of the Storyboard Gardens at The Living Classroom in Bingara. An example of Disruption, Change & Opportunity planning for future agricultural & tourism options within Gwydir Shire.

The Workshop will present these topics through the experiences of nine people who are involved in making these decisions today.

They will tell of their stories, relate their experiences and provide insight into the world of tomorrow.

After each trio of presenters there will be a Question and Answer session where the other people in the room can have their say or ask for further information from the guest presenters.

During the day, the Ideas Board will collect people’s thoughts to be summarised later in a Workshop Report. At the end of the Presentations, a Workshop session in small groups will enable further discussion and the sharing of ideas.

The event will continue into the evening with a wonderful dinner served in the Roxy and an amazing after dinner Guest Speaker.

Damon Gameau is an Australia actor and film maker. His documentary ‘That Sugar …’ Film, featured on SBS Television last week. Damon explored the role of sugar in our modern western diet and made himself the ‘guinea pig’ studying the changes in his body and mind on a high sugar diet over a six week period. The film was both controversial and thought provoking.

Book online NOW!You can be a part of this full-on day on Friday June 23 at the Roxy. The cost for the whole event, including all meals, and drinks is just $25.

Bookings can be made through the Bingara VIC on 6724 0066.

For more information, contact the organising committee:
John Bishton, 0418 283 127; Christene Smyth 0428 684 447; Philippa Morris, 0488 490 579; Glen Pereira, 0429 821 105 or Rick Hutton, 0438 355 197.