Windy conditions make for an interesting Pony Club weekend

September 16, 2011

Windy conditions made for an interesting weekend of riding at the Bingara Showground last weekend. The Bingara Pony Club hosted a two-day horse event drawing riders from all around the region.

With nominations for Saturday at 58 and only 20 for the Sunday  president of the Pony Club, Robert Coombes was happy with how the weekend progressed.
“ It is always hard to know what to do when it rains,” he said.

Rain earlier in the week would have  deterred some riders from coming as the possibility  of more inclement  weather was forecast and a final decision was still pending on Friday afternoon.

However the weekend went ahead despite the Bingara Central School Horse Sports day being called off on Friday morning.

The weekend consisted of a Ribbon Day on Saturday beginning with a morning of show riding and hacking followed by jumping and sporting events in the afternoon.

On Sunday a One Day Event was held, which included a morning of dressage, followed by Cross Country and finishing with a round of Show Jumping.

This event is the last competition event the Bingara Pony Club will host until their pony camp to be held in the first week of the October school holidays. 

A canteen ran over the weekend and was successful in raising some funds to go towards preparing for the camp in October with around 70 to 80 children  expected to attend.

Local Bingara Pony Club riders, Madeline Coombes, Colless Coombes, Jacqueline Coombes, Nicole Coombes, Lucie Boyle, Kelsey Cooper, Maddison Iskov,Tianna Sullivan, Jo McGowan, and Bec McGowan  rode exceptionally well bringing home some well-earned ribbons.

The highlight of the weekend was watching Tianna Sullivan and Jack Withers compete in their very first One Day Event.

Tianna also gained  second place  in  her dressage.

While windy conditions  over the weekend weren’t pleasant, no bad falls occurred.

President Robert Coombes  thanked everyone for attending. 

If anyone is interested in attending Pony Camp please contact Robert Coombes or Fiona  McGowan for further information.