Wings ‘n Things Bird & Bush Festival & Scarecrow Competition

June 24, 2013

wings n thingsGwydir Shire Council is proud to announce its first Shire wide event, the Wings ‘n Things Bird and Bush Festival. The event will be held over the October long weekend (4 to 7 October, 2013) and will showcase our beautiful bird routes and impressive Shire.

Events already being planned for the festival include a ‘Galah’ Dinner, which will be held at the Living Classroom in Bingara. A Bush Poets’ Breakfast will be held at Cranky Rock Nature Reserve, Warialda. 

There will be a Scarecrow Competition leading up to the event. The scarecrow entries will be displayed throughout the Shire and the winners will be announced at Gravesend on Sunday 6 October.

Community groups, organisations and businesses are all encouraged to be a part of this event. Suggestions include running a workshop, holding a kite flying afternoon, hosting bird watching tours, any celebration which relates to the theme, Wings ‘n Things or the bush. If you would like to attend the meetings please call Tracey Carr on 02 6724 2000 or email Tracey

Making a Scarecrow

scarecrowScarecrows are easy to make and are a great example of recycled art. With a little imagination you’ll be surprised with what you can make from bits and pieces lying around the house – old clothes, wool, straw, old hat, paper towel, ribbons, tree  cuttings, etc.

Firstly, you’ll have to decide which category you want to participate in if you are going to enter the competition. The first section will be the permanent scarecrow which won’t be transportable and will remain in the paddock to be judged by our roving judges. The second category will be transportable so the scarecrow can be brought to Gravesend for the judging and festivities on Sunday 6th October. (This decision will dictate the size of the stick you will need to build it on. Further details will be made available soon.)

So, how do you make a scarecrow?

You can use all sorts of things and this list is only a suggestion to get you thinking:

  • strong sticks, one as high as yourself and the other half as high
  • old pair of overalls or pants, old hat, pair of gloves, scarf, old pantyhose for tying
  • old pillow case or piece of old sheet to cover the head
  • newspaper, masking tape and glue, paint for the face or buttons for a sewn on face, bright coloured wool, straw, extra newspaper or plastic bags for stuffing.


  • Tie the sticks firmly together with old pantyhose. The shorter stick is for the arms and is tied at right angles to the taller stick, a little down from the top.
  • Wind newspaper around the top end of the taller stick to make the head. Use the masking tape to keep it together.
  • Cover the newspaper with a piece of old sheet or a pillow case. Paint or sew a face onto it. Glue or sew on some wool for hair.
  • Place the long stick down one leg of the overalls and put each end of the shorter stick through the overall arms.
  • Stuff the overalls with straw until they make a firm body. Newspaper or plastic bags are good alternatives.
  • Place the old hat on its head, the scarf around its neck and tie on the gloves. Put some straw in its pocket and name your scarecrow.
  • Tie the scarecrow to a stake if you want to stand it upright in the garden.

Give it a try and see what you can come up with. Enter in the Wings n Things Scarecrow competition and put your scarecrow on display. Details will be available soon. We encourage everyone to have a go, individuals, families, groups, schools, etc. A great recycling project and a fun way to brighten up the Gwydir Shire with colourful and creative scarecrows for all to see. Start creating and have some fun!