Women Under a Blue Moon

March 15, 2012

As modern women we slip into many different roles each day. We are the nurturers, mothers, wives, lovers, career-women, daughters, friends, and more. We are so busy that we rarely take a moment for ourselves. As a result we can feel run down and tired, stressed out, and perhaps begin to question our worth.

It is hard to feel good about yourself when you are struggling to find the energy just to get through the day! Our self esteem suffers and we can spiral into negative thought and behaviour patterns. When we do feel good about ourselves we can give our best to our families, children and careers, and be true to ourselves. But how often do you get the time to be yourself and to nurture yourself?

In the process of multi-tasking and giving to others in our lives, stress takes its toll – not just on us, but on our families and those around us. If you want to transform your self and your life, you have to get in touch with your own needs. Personal transformation requires self-awareness and the willingness to change thought and behaviour patterns. This is not always an easy task, and rarely are you able to find someone to help and support you on your way.

The Women Under a Blue Moon retreat is the perfect opportunity to start making some serious changes to your life and to remember what it is like to focus on you and your needs. Facilitators Jen Black and Louise Campbell invite you to join them for a weekend of self discovery and empowerment where you will be presented with tools to take back the power and take charge of your life.

This weekend has the potential to change your life as you explore different techniques to still your mind, tame your negative self-talk, and tap into your creative and beautiful self. Using Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning, Mindfulness, and Art Therapy, Louise and Jen will help you let go of your daily fears and judgments, and allow you to concentrate on accepting and loving the amazing Woman you are.

Jen and Louise have experienced firsthand how embracing and being true to yourself can make a positive difference to your life and to those around you. They also acknowledge and appreciate the power of horses and their ability to help us tap into our feelings, behaviours and capabilities. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning (EAPL) is an experiential process.

Participants learn about themselves and others through activities with the horses and through processing or discussing thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviours and patterns that may come up for them. Changes in behaviour through the activities are real experiences. Participants are actively involved physically, psychologically and emotionally (doing, thinking and feeling). The learning is immediate and can be readily transferred to life experiences in different contexts. EAPL activities can provide a ‘safe challenge’, an opportunity to explore ways of managing difficult situations, fear, attitude, and way of being in relationships and society.

Jen has a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) and over a decade of experience in various counseling and community based roles. She currently works as a Youth Support Worker and Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) certified Mental Health Worker as she completes her provisional registration as a Psychologist. Jen has a special interest in the use of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning for increasing women’s emotional and psychological wellbeing, and empowering people of all ages to take charge of their lives.

Louise has been riding horses since she was 5 years old and has a passion for rescuing and rehabilitating equine friends that are in danger of being discarded. During the past 10 years Louise has studied Natural Horsemanship and believes that horses play an important role in helping people along life’s journey. She has witnessed this with her own emotional and physical wellbeing, and this has led her to study the EAGALA model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning. Louise is also a graphic designer and talented artist, and has an interest in using art as therapy to help people express their inner self as well as to process and manage difficult emotions.

The Women Under a Blue Moon retreats will be held on the weekend of 14th and 15th April 2012 at Mount Russell (near Inverell) and 1st and 2nd September at Paterson (Hunter Valley). Due to the nature of the individual sessions and workshop objectives, participant places are limited to eight. No horse experience is necessary and no horse riding will take place during the weekend. Basic camping is available onsite, or there are various accommodation options close by.

Please call Louise 0488 242 242 or Jen 0401 928 970, or check the website:  www.horsedesign.com.au/bluemoon for more information and to reserve your place.