www.bingara.com.au gets a facelift

March 21, 2010

The “New Look” Bingara website went live last week after a substantial revamp. The site is fast approaching its third anniversary, that’s pretty old in web years.

Since its launch in 2007 the site has grown enormously, there are now in excess of 200 pages and hits recorded are massive.  Local business and community organisations have widely utilised the site by advertising their product, event or business.  The Gwydir Shire Council has kept charges to a minimum so that all residents can have easy, affordable access.  In most instances access is free. 

Website manager Georgina Sinclair said she still does a lot of chasing and would like to see the community take greater ownership of the site. She added, “If you have a presence on the site it should be up to you to let me know if it needs updating, not the other way around.  When did you last check your page?”

The website is a tool that can save time and more importantly money.  Regular users of the “What’s On?” section of the site say they have had real cost savings by being able to post information, forms and the like online.  Events promotion is free because it shows the outside world how vibrant our town is.

The News is the most popular area of the site and it wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Bingara Advocate who gives Georgina open access.

www.bingara.com.au believes wholeheartedly in Bingara and its residents blowing its own trumpet so if you think there is something that should be there and isn’t, or is there and could be better, just let Georgina know.  It’s your town, your site and it is only as good as the content therein.

Take a look Bingara!