You can’t, not love Bingara!

July 3, 2015

This letter to the editor of the Bingara Advocate oozed pride and gratitude for our wonderful community.

Many hands make for a great festival

As Chair of the Special Events Committee, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to all the wonderful committee and workers who worked so hard to make Saturday the huge success it was.

Planning and ideas commenced two years ago, the execution and coordinating was due to Georgia Standerwick. Thank you Georgia and your offsider Jenny, you put in a mighty effort for the whole weekend and the icing on the cake was the timing of the flyover coinciding with the parade, what a coup. The Navy Band who entertained us at the Ball on Friday night and again on Saturday were a great crew and added so much to the atmosphere.

Thanks to Tim Cox for presiding over the day and keeping the days entertainment running smoothly.

(Am I hearing rumblings about all paid council workers? This is not so – just hard working community members giving their time freely.)

To Nancy McInnes and Judy Adams for organising the Queen and Princess competition and the five beautiful young ladies who came on board for a very successful raising of funds for charities. Thank you, you make us feel very proud to live in Bingara.

To the McCartneys, Fay and Keith, Ian and Betsey Grieve and Lee Houdeny, Lion members who laboured all day to feed the crowd, we could not have managed without you. Thanks Mashie, always know things will go well when you are directing, thanks Ian, a big day.

Congratulations to the Bingara CWA, while I didn’t get to lunch I understand it was a great success.

To everyone who participated in the parade – how good was it?

“Best ever” seems to be the general consensus. It was lovely having the Willoughby Mayor and other councillors and of course the young ambassadors sharing our celebrations – a sister city relationship 20 years young. The young man who spoke said he had never travelled so far inland from Sydney, he said how much they enjoyed all the activities and learning about rural Australia.

Thank you Susie and helpers for entertaining all the young people, I saw some lovely art work and heard lots of laughter.

Thank you all for attending and making the Orange Festival such a success, we appreciate your support.

Catherine Egan