Young people have mixed visions for country towns of the future.

February 22, 2010

“Our Place” – Country Town Living 2025 is a Regional Forum being co-hosted by Bingara and District VSION 20/20 and Gwydir Shire Council this week in Bingara.

The Forum will ask the questions: What will our country towns be like in 15 years time?, and …What can we do about it now?

The key-note presenters at the presentations on Wednesday, February 24 will be internationally acclaimed Futurist, Dr Peter Ellyard; agricultural revolutionary Dr Maarten Stapper, and award winning Landscape Architect, John Mongard.

The Forum is open to all, and bookings can be made at the Bingara Tourist Office by phoning 67240066.

The views of young people will be of particular interest because it is they who will inherit the future country town. To gauge the thoughts of the young, a competition was held, inviting responses in either words or pictures from school students.

Their responses provide a mixed view of our future. Technology, education, food, transport and health figure strongly in their replies. Some are very optimistic while others give worried views of future country town life.

Most responses saw technology and science as providing solutions to problems. Many hoped that their country town would change very little. Some saw dire circumstances for rivers and for businesses.

Year eight student, Gabby Rampling, from Bingara Central School, began her thoughts on a note of optimism. She wrote, “My home town of Bingara is a very beautiful place. It does have its “bad hair” days, but it’s still the most gorgeous place”.

The students’ views will be on display at the Forum, and some will be representing their schools.

Submitted by Rick Hutton
Secretary, Bingara and District VISION 20/20