Young talent unearthed at Roxy

December 15, 2009

Seasoned North West Theatre Company actor, Rick Hutton was joined by a cast of young, talented people when the NWTC’s Pantomime, Hansel and Gretel Lost in Sherwood Forest, opened at the Roxy on Friday night.

Leading players, 15 year old James Frankham, and Tahlia Stevens, 12, were supported by ten other young actors, and the older, guitar strumming, medicinal-pineapple-juice-drinking Friar Tuck (Rick Hutton) as a subtle anchor to the stories in the play.

There is a fair bit of comedy in the play, not all of it is aimed at little children. Friar Tuck’s assistant monk, Chip, was played by Bingara student, Emily Price. This is Emily’s third performing role with the NWTC.

Several years after his stage debut in the Roxy, Aron Dennis was back on stage, in the flamboyant role of Charlie. Aron finished his education at the Newtown High School of Performing Arts, and has returned to Bingara.

Kylie Emerson, a teacher at Macintyre High, and Hannah Cook, a student at the same school, were well matched and the good and bad witches. The cutest mouse to grace the stage was played by the diminutive Tori Allen. Mousie was joined on stage by the Kangaroo family, played by Amy Shephard, Matilda McKay and Connor McKinlay.The cast is completed with Geoff Payne, Meg Hanlon and Dimity McKinlay.