Your one stop shop to help shape the Shire’s future

August 24, 2016

The Roxy Café is being transformed. For the next three weeks this is the place to come to be inspired, to think about the future of the Shire, and to contribute your ideas.

This community has achieved amazing things in the last 10 years. You will be surprised to reflect on how things were “back then”.

However, if Gwydir is to thrive, then its residents cannot rest on past success.

Change is happening at an ever-increasing rate, and 2030 will be very different to the present.  “We need to be ahead of the game,” Garry McDoull of Vision2030 said.

“What sort of community, town, shire & region do you want to live in in the future? “It is only by thinking about it, and planning for it, that it will happen,” he said. “To fail to plan is to plan to fail.”

The Roxy Café will be a non – café for this period.

So – grab a cuppa from your favourite provider and spend some time in the “ideas centre”. Bring your friends, bring your family, share your thoughts, and contribute to the display.

‘The Shopfront’ has been designed to appeal to all ages. There is a play area for young children, and plenty of material to keep everyone entertained.

The Shopfront will be manned by volunteers, and all of the display material has been created by them. “Well done, and thank you,” Garry said.

If you would like to spend just three hours on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday morning in the next 3 weeks, then please ring Garry McDouall (0428 834 281), Chrissie Smyth (0428 684 447) or Georgia Standerwick (0409 901 540).