Sawn Rocks

sawn_rocks_portraitSawn Rocks is located in the northern section of Mt Kaputar National Park and is undoubtedly the most iconic reminder of Kaputar’s volcanic past.

The forty (40) metre high towering wall of pentagonal basalt pipes is the sheered off remains of a basalt lava flow from the Nandewar Volcano which dominated the area 21 million years ago.

It is an unusual phenomenon which is the result of the slow and even cooling of molten rock which enabled individual crystals within the rock to align perfectly with each other.

While this type of five-sided (pentagonal) ‘organ piping’ is not rare to lava flows, it is exceptionally rare to find them so perfectly formed and preserved and is recognised as being one of the best examples of columnar jointing in Australia.

Sawn Rocks is located 64km out of Bingara and 36kms out of Narrabri.  The road from Narrabri to Bingara is one of the most picturesque in the region making it a most enjoyable short cut through to Inverell.  You will drive past the Rocky Creek Glacial Area on your way to Bingara so make sure you make the time to stop off.

Walking Instructions

From the carpark a 750 metre walking track offers an easy, wheelchair accessible all weather stroll (approximately 10 minutes one way), through tall eucalypts, figs, wattles and maidenhair ferns. An observation platform affords stunning views of the intriguing rock formation jutting starkly from the bed of the Bobbiwaa creek.  Stairs to the side enable access to the creek bed where outlines of more pillars are visible.

At the base of the formation, you can see that the rock is fractured into octagonal shapes identical to the cliff face. It is believed that these plunge a further 60 metres into the earth below. Over thousands of years, enormous slabs of rock have fallen to the bed of the Bobbiwaa Creek, resembling the crumbled pillars of an ancient roman temple.  It’s hard to believe that the geometrically perfect shapes aren’t hand chiselled.

  • There is NO CAMPING permitted at Sawn Rocks
  • Free Gas BBQ facilities, Shelter and Toilets available

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