Bingara – The Inland Fishing Capital of Australia

Anglers visiting Bingara have access to some of the best freshwater fishing in the state, whether they throw a line in from the banks or head up river in their boat.   Bingara’s fishing paradise is probably one of the best kept secrets in the angling world.

Thanks to more than 20 years of restocking by the local Hatchery, the Gwydir and Horton rivers have great populations of Murray cod and Yellow Belly (golden perch).

There is easy access onto the river upstream from the town for a distance of some 10km.
The annual Easterfish competition is growing in stature and attracts anglers Australia wide.

Copeton Dam, constructed on the headwaters of the Gwydir River, has extensive shorelines, many boat ramps and camping spots. Below the dam, trout and redfin issue the challenge to the keen angler.

Fishing licenses are required!

The Hatchery

The Bingara Hatchery was constructed in 1980 as a direct result of the effects that Copeton Dam was having on the river flow. It is maintained and operated completely by volunteer members of the Bingara Anglers’ Club.

Since its inception the hatchery has released thousands of fingerlings into the Gwydir River system and beyond and as a result Murray cod, golden perch (yellowbelly) and silver perch are abundant in the Gwydir & Horton rivers.

Tel: 02 6724 1776


The Bingara Angler’s Club hosts its annual fishing competition every Easter long weekend.  The competition starts on Good Friday and ends Sunday afternoon when the final weigh-in is conducted and prizes are awarded.

Easterfish has become somewhat of a tradition in Bingara, a time when families get together to enjoy the great outdoors and each other’s company.  The weather blends the last of summer and the beginning of autumn; warm days, cool nights – perfect!

For many, roasting marshmallows in the campfire, playing in the river and taking part in the Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning is what it’s all about.  Throw a line in if you wish, but know that Easterfish is not just about great fishing!