The Roxy Complex

The Roxy is a symbol that epitomizes the Greek migration experience: one that made an outstanding contribution to the development of Australia and may be the last example of a combined cinema cafe, functioning as per its original plan, remaining in NSW, possibly in Australia.

The Roxy Complex

The Roxy Complex comprises:

  • The Roxy Theatre
    The Roxy cinema and adjoining café was built in 1936 by three Greek partners from the island of Kythera in Greece.  The cinema operated until 1958 and lay dormant until its grand reopening in 2004.
    The Roxy Theatre is open to the public as a cinema, performing arts venue and multi-purpose function centre that includes a variety of conferences, seminars, weddings and private functions.
  • The Roxy Cafe and Trade Training Centre
    Unlike the theatre, the cafe continued to operate, however it bared no resemblance to its Greek Café heritage operating as a Chinese restaurant.
    In April 2011, Forty-five years since serving its last mixed grill, The Roxy Cafe was restored to its original splendour.
  • The Roxy Greek Museum.
    The Roxy Greek Museum was opened April 5, 2014.  It further increases the national significance of the complex by conserving and protecting the important cultural associations between people and place.

The history of the faithful restoration of the Roxy Theatre, Roxy Cafe and the creation of the Roxy Museum is told on The Roxy website (external link).  It is an important story, one that should be shared with future generations, as Bingara’s Roxy may be the last example of a cinema and café, functioning as per its original plan, remaining in NSW, possibly in Australia.


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