Horse riding

Horses are a big part of life for many in Bingara, whether they are used for work or recreation.  It’s not unusual to see horses in vacant blocks or horse riders meandering through the town as they head for the showground.

The horses grazing on the Gwydir have become as symbolic of the town as the river itself.  It is a wonderful sight driving into Bingara and seeing the landscape dotted with mares and foals.

The Bingara district caters for a host of horse sports and activities, including Pony Club, Campdrafting, Polocrosse, carriage driving, Racing, the Bingara Show and of course Wade Horses Bingara, which have put Bingara on the map both nationally and internationally.

Wade Horses Bingara is not only renowned for the quality of their horses and horsemanship, but for the scenic beauty of Bingara’s natural environment.  Riders don’t just take in the scenery, they become part of it.

Whether you want a short 2 hour trail ride, a weekend getaway or a jackaroo/jillaroo adventure, you can do it with Wade Horses Bingara.  They offer the pleasure of superb bush trails along the Gwydir River or a ride high into the ranges at their property Garrawilla, where every turn reveals scenic beauty, wildlife and birdlife.

Wade Horses Bingara

Wade Horses BingaraWade Horses Bingara (formerly Gwydir River Trail Rides) have been offering guided trail rides along the banks of the Gwydir River for more than 20 years.  Locals, visitors, learner riders wanting riding lessons and anyone else smitten by a love of horses and horse riding have come, and keep coming back, to enjoy the ride of their life in one of the most beautiful areas of the region.

Locally owned and operated Wade Horses Bingara boast an excellent team of horses which includes gentle, heavy horse breeds able to carry the largest and smallest riders. From 6 years of age up, all riding abilities can be accommodated as the experienced staff match the mount to the rider’s ability.  First time riders through to experienced riders who enjoy a canter or gallop in a safe environment are guaranteed a great time!

Farmstay Jackaroo/Jillaroo School

Many visitors to the region want more than just a trail ride, they want to experience what it really is like to work on the land.  So in 2006, Wade Horses Bingara offered a Jackaroo Jillaroo school to offer short and even longer-stay adventures that combined trail-riding with other outdoor adventure activities and several packages are available.

Wade Horses Bingara gives the opportunity to step out of tourist shoes and become a cowboy/cowgirl in a learning environment, whilst being treated just like a local.

They operate from the thriving 3,000-acre working property Garrawilla which is 25km drive from Bingara and home to over 200 horses, 100 head of cattle, an unknown quantity of sheep and an endearing menagerie of working dogs, pigs, donkeys, birds and camels!

Widely considered a premier attraction within the New England North West region,  Jackaroo Jillaroo Bingara was awarded Winner Rural Business (Gwydir Shire Business Awards) in 2011 and has been featured (more than once!) on Channel 9s Getaway and the British Oz Down Under.  Mike Whitney, cricket legend and well-known television personality from Channel 7s Sydney Weekender, was captured on camera making his way to Bingara (for the second time) to take part in the exhilarating Garrawilla Stampede in what he considered a very special celebration of his 750th show!

Whilst the Garrawilla Stampede is not currently running, the video does give a taste of the Jackaroo Jillaroo Bingara experience!

For more information what they have to offer visit:
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