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Vision 2020 is a group of passionate community members. It was formed in 2005 to represent the interests of the communities of Bingara  & its surrounding district.

Vision 2020 logoIt has always looked to the future, and seeks to define and then act on strategies so that we may prosper in a changing environment. It is a place to voice ideas, coordinate action, support external funding applications & to liaise with local government, local businesses and community groups. It combines the roles of a progress association, a Chamber of Commerce, a think tank and a lobby group.

Membership is open to everyone – thinkers, doers, helpers, supporters and critics.

Vision 2020 has now facilitated  the production of two vision documents. In 2005/6 the town & district communities started on a journey to create a vision for the future to 2020. This journey involved the whole community, and the ideas which formed the “Regeneration” document were generated entirely from within the community.


Dare to DreamOriginal Vision document extract…

A Vision is sometimes associated with something unreal or imaginary; a creation of fancy. However, in this case its definition is “To Dream”. We cannot know or predict the future with any certainty, but we can work towards creating the future that we “want”.

The Bingara & District Community chose to become recognised as a national leader in Regenerative living. regeneration is a way of life and continues to be fundamental to all our decisions.

We do not just sustain our resource base – we continue to improve and to grow. Our people are healthier, happier and better educated, our environment is pristine, our buildings and community infrastructure are well designed and energy and water efficient, our agriculture has healthy soils and “treads lightly on the land”.

Download the Bingara & District Community Vision Document  >>   (32 page PDF, file size = 1.56mb)

Read Vision 2020’s Archived News items to follow the journey thus far.

Our Journey to 2030

In 2015 we paused to evaluate the success of our communities in the previous 10 years. Our achievements have been amazing, as the Our Future is a Journey article which appeared in the Bingara Advocate attests.

Vision 2020 had also been very active in facilitating opposition to the NSW Governments plans to amalgamate Gwydir Shire Council. This had a unifying effect on the Shire.

Vision 2020 decided to revisit the vision process, this time on behalf of the whole shire.  Two years of extensive community consultation which included the Gwydir “Summit”, shopfront engagement in both Bingara & Warialda and community leadership training resulted in the Wider Gwydir vision.

Bingara and district, and now Wider Gwydir are one of the very few communities in Australia to have undertaken this process – to determine the future that we want, rather than to have our future determined by others.  The result is clear in our achievements, and in the general positivity and prosperity of our communities.

The pathway is now formed for a successful journey towards 2030.

Wider Gwydir Vision Document

Flip Book Key


General meetings, open to everyone are held on the first Wednesday of every month, in the meeting room of the Imperial Hotel.  From time to time we will organize guest speakers, and these meetings will be advertised.


Membership is open to everyone.  Annual cost:
  • Individuals – $20 inc GST
  • Family – $30 inc GST
  • Small business (less than 5 employees) – $110 inc GST
  • Large business – $220 inc GST
  • Community Group – $20 inc GST


Garry McDouall   | Ph: 0428 834 281  |  Email:  mcdouallg@bigpond.com

VICE PRESIDENT:  (Shared responsibilities)
Meagan Stamer / John Bishton  |   Ph: 0458 549 774  |  Email: megs.bingara@gmail.com and  Email: bishton@cfresh.com.au

Vivian Iriarte – ph: 0423 559 506 / Email: Learn2sellbcs@gmail.com

Rosemary Asher / Ph: 0421 072 264 / Email: gesticulateswildly@gmail.com


Leigh Parkes  |  Email: leighroyis@gmail.com
Chris Smyth  |  Ph: 0428 684 447  |  Email: chris.smyth@raywhite.com
Peter Turnbull  |  Ph: 0427 202 452  |  Email: eaglehawk@outlook.com
Jacqui Berenger 0427 682 811 / quiltsbyjacqui@gmail.com
Jon Chown 0411 187 029 / cchown1@bigpond.com
Rick Hutton / Email rhutton@gwydir.nsw.gov
Chris Turner 0412 895 187 / christturner4560@gmail.com
Frances Young 0428 955 460 orban2@bigpond.com

Catherine Egan  |  Ph: 0447 241 484  |  Email: cegan@gwydir.nsw.gov.au



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