Entertainment and The Arts

Living in a country town does not mean that you have to live in a cultural void. On the contrary, residents of the Bingara district are privileged to have The Arts firmly embroiled in their everyday lives. Art shows, cultural events and live theatre are normality for the children of Bingara who are unaware that for many of their city counterparts, they are seen as inaccessible or unaffordable for the ordinary person.

The Roxy Theatre
The Roxy Theatre attracts world-class performances, including those from our own North West Theatre Company and provides an exquisite venue, which is widely used by the local community and wider district.

Amateur Performances
Bingara Central School’s variety nights have reached new heights since they moved to the Roxy. Enjoy the finale of Big River Dreaming, an all of school production.

AlFresco Art
Murals depicting the town’s history have made art part of the building landscape in Bingara.

Opera in the Paddock
With its wonderful Australian bush setting and superb natural acoustics, “Mimosa” at Delungra creates the perfect ambiance for Opera in the Paddock. It is an annual event which attract artists and audiences from far and wide.

Ceramic Break Sculpture Park
The Ceramic Break Sculpture Park, located on the Fossickers Way just north of Bingara has fulfilled a dream for bronze sculptor Kerry Cannon, who dreamt of bringing “Art to the Bush”.



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