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Ad banner Vision 2020 - Our Future!Bingara, known as the “Gem on the Gwydir”, is a great place to visit and an even better place to live.  Safe and friendly, Bingara has clean air, clear skies and a great climate. Not only is Bingara blessed with natural beauty, it’s full of wonderful people.

Surrounded by hills, the town rests in a natural amphitheatre. The spectacular Gwydir River, the life blood of the town, pulses through Bingara’s heart. Its beauty is indeed priceless.

Like the gem that it is, Bingara is multifaceted.  On one side, it offers peace and tranquillity, but on another, it boasts an energetic and vibrant community.  There’s always something happening in Bingara and at times it can be difficult to keep up.

However, the choice is yours…you can drift along on the edge…or you can jump right in!

We love our town and we know you will too.

Come and see for yourself!

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