April 21, 2023

On Saturday 29th April you are warmly invited to join us at Ceramic Break Sculpture Park near Warialda, for our first opening of 2023. The exhibition opens at 12 noon and features the works of 4 Queensland artists. Trisha Lambi, Jordan Lambi, Rose Czarine Albendia and Corina Graham, These artists explore a wide range of subject matter, from people, flowers and animals to more abstract explorations, predominantly in oils and acrylic on canvas. The colours are sometimes soft sometimes bold but each artist has the ability to focus your attention on the carefully selected and detailed compositions. Put the date on your calendar and come over to Ceramic Break Sculpture Park for Art, exercise, lunch and refreshments and the chance to win a Green Prize.

It was once considered that artists had to starve in a garret to imbue their art with the validity of human experience. For Art to explore more than the pretty surface of images, an artist should not be a stranger to the sadder and darker side of life. These artists are all able to depict and reflect on the emotional challenges we face as well as the more amusing moments that raise our spirits.

Reading Trisha Lambi’s response to what directs her art practice we can see how she has been influenced by the many vicissitudes that have befallen her. Trisha’s work is inspired by capturing light on form and develops from there. In her still life paintings, the urns are dark in colour but along with the fruit, they glow with light. The white focus in Finding Bliss is reminiscent of the famous poster of the Greek island of Santorini. This visual analogy encourages us to imagine the joy and delight of being there in the brilliant light of the Mediterranean. Perhaps the slightly worrying dark sea and boat is there to remind us that bliss is only one side of an existential coin.

After following other passions, Jordan Lambi has reconnected with art and is a vibrant, young emerging artist, dedicating meaningful time to painting and finding his own expression. He was raised by an established visual artist and this background has enabled him to explore colour and form very early in his career. The deep reds and blues of Maelstrom encourage us to look deeper into the writhing shapes and then notice the eye staring down, intently. The hooded shape suggests a voyeur, but this may be too simple a response to the piece. Alongside his other works on show, you will be rewarded by a careful study of the colours and the fluidity which convey movement that tantalise with glimpses of images that seem familiar to us.

Rose Czarine Albendi is a Filipino migrant in Australia. Her work is oil on canvas and mixed oil and acrylic on canvas and depicts the worlds she has lived in and where she lives now. Rose has a wide range of subject matter. She captures the joyful essence of a cat snoozing in the sun, the cat’s fur is light and sun coloured as the cat naps in the quintessential Australian back yard, complete with hose pipe. Contrast this with the poignant piece ‘ When the Wife is Gone’ Has the wife gone to work?

When we look closer, the man’s facial expression and the dog in the bed, suggest ‘gone’ is more poignant. Rose’s interest in the style of Gustav Klimt is shown in her delightful work, The Family Embrace. She further explores Klimt’s use of colour and patterns in other of her pieces.

Corina Graham is an artist and mental health advocate based in Warwick Queensland and in 2022 she was awarded the Australian Citizen of the Year for her work with Demented Artists Group Inc (DAGs) Corina’s range of subject matter and skills are clearly demonstrated in her exhibited works. Her use of coloured pencils in the Chip Thief subtly highlights the moving sea; and the seagulls, behaving as seagulls are wont to do, gently reminds us of summer passing. Contrast this with the harsher focus of Redemption, a man with hands in prayer or supplication, searching for forgiveness. There is a gentleness and empathy suggested by the stark black and white lines and the suggestion of a cross in the window frame.

So come over to Ceramic Break Sculpture Park near Warialda on Saturday 29th April and combine a day of culture in the galleries and some exercise on the sculpture walks. Our doors open at midday and entry is by gold coin donation. Lunch and refreshments are provided. For those who remember to bring their own cutlery or utensils to recycle, the excellent Green Prize Raffle is on again. Fill in your name as you enter and you may win one of the beautiful plants to take home.

For more information call 6729 4147, check out our website, www.cbreaksculpturepark.com.au or our Ceramic Break Sculpture Park Facebook page.