The North West Theatre Company presents “The Jungle Books” at the Roxy Theatre in May

May 2, 2023

The Jungle Books were two volumes of stories by famed British author Rudyard Kipling. Written in the early 1890’s, Kipling told stories about wild animals living in forests, jungle, and seas, using many ideas and experiences he gained while growing up in British India.

The stories introduced to the world what are now famous characters, Mowgli the man-cub, Barloo the bear, Bahgeera the black panther, Akela the wolf pack leader and Shere Khan the man-eating tiger. The stories told tales and parables about how to live with each other, about wisdom and justice, and introduced the lessons from “the Law of the Jungle”.

Book online NOW!Many of the stories Kipling wrote specifically for his eldest daughter Josephine, who sadly was to die of pneumonia at the age of six, while the Jungle Book stories were still being written.

The NWTC’s production of The Jungle Books is an adaptation of two of Kipling’s stories, by local playwright Rick Hutton. Rick was keen to write a play that would involve many players, young and old. Following the success of his adaptation of Charles Dicken’s “Oliver Twist” in 2021-2, Rick saw both value and challenge in adapting a story that had wide appeal, a large cast, and a challenge for the stage.

For “The Jungle Books” Rick chose two of Rudyard Kipling’s stories for his play. The first Act tells the story of the man-cub Mowgli, who as a young child, escapes an attack by the tiger Shere Khan on his woodcutter parents, and wanders into the den of a wolf family. Mowgli immediately bonds with his Wolf Mother and her cubs, and is taken into their den, to the great annoyance of Shere Khan.

The second Act tells how the now teen-age Mowgli, must decide whether to stay in the jungle or return to ‘men’ and the village. He then goes into the final battle with Shere Khan.

“There are many lessons learnt by Mowgli,” said Rick Hutton, who also Directs the play and plays the role of Rudyard Kipling, as the storyteller. “The other animals and the people of the village, have both love and hate relationships with Mowgli, and the themes of love, respect, friendship, wisdom and justice, are all explored in the play.”

DATES: Evening: Saturday May 13th, 2023 and Matinee: Sunday May 14th 2023 Evening: Friday May 19th, 2023, and Matinee: Sunday May 21st, 2023. 
TIME:  Evening 7.30 pm – Matinees 1.00 pm
TICKET PRICE/CONTRIBUTION: Adult ticket $25.00 pp, Concession ticket $15.00 pp, Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) $60.00 per family – 4 people only, Single Child $10.00 per single child.