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Welcome to Bingara

Bingara is the Gem on the Gwydir River, nestled in National Parks.  It is a place that shines with opportunity, a safe place with a friendly and healthy environment.

But Bingara offers much more than just peace and tranquillity, it is not a sleepy town because it boasts a vibrant, energetic and productive community.

Bingara treasures its Past, lives for the present and has planned for its Future. It owns its VISION, it knows where it's going and most importantly, it knows how to get there.

We love our town and we know you will too.
Come and see for yourself!

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Sydney - Bingara - Brisbane mudmap

Located in northern New South Wales, mid way between Brisbane and Sydney, Bingara is the ideal place to visit or relocate.

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Bingara is at the heart of the Fossickers Way, one of the oldest and most picturesque touring routes in New South Wales.

The Fossickers Way provides an alternative route between Sydney and Brisbane for those who enjoy an easy, more leisurely scenic drive ...on sealed roads.

Fossickers Way mudmap


News Highlights

The Good The Bad The Ugly (31-Aug-14)
The Good; In what was a special day for the Gwydir Rugby Club to commemorate the lives of Dave Rose and Ray (Stumpy) Allen, the fund raising auction back at the Sportsmans Hotel went off with a bang, and over $8,000.00 was raised to be donated to Bingara and Warialda Home care nurses.
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Workshops now open for the Quirky Creative and Wellness Festival (29-Aug-14)
Workshops are now open for The Quirky Creative and Wellness Festival which runs from October 4 to 11.
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Searching for a missing heart (29-Aug-14)
A woman, a dog, a campervan and 4,500km of wide open road.  Mary Anne Butler is an award-winning playwright based in Darwin. Her current play, Highway of Lost Hearts, which will be performed at the Roxy Theatre on Saturday September 6, was born from the grief of losing a friend and is a reminder that everyone can get through their darkest days.
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North West Film Festival continues to grow (28-Aug-14)
People will have the chance to view selected winning entries of the North West Film Festival at The Roxy Theatre in Bingara on Friday, September 12.
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