The 2017 Bingara Show Campdraft Report

June 21, 2017

After two previous scheduled campdraft dates in March and April being washed out, was it going to be third time lucky for the Bingara Show Campdraft?

Everybody hoped so but there were some nervous moments in the week prior to the 27th and 28th of May, the scheduled date for the Show and Campdraft with intermittent rain and a rather wet and unprepared campdraft arena. Sand had been deposited in the arena to top dress some areas but due to the wet weather the machinery needed could not get onto the ground to spread and prepare the arena for the upcoming two day campdraft.

Luckily the weather abated and the ground was finished on the Friday afternoon after a couple of hectic days’ work which was kicked off with Kingy and his bobcat. A big thank you goes out to David Nicolle and Rob Coombes who shouldered the majority of this work which included the preparation of the main show arena as well.

The Bingara Show Society is also very indebted to the Gwydir Shire Council for its’ great support with the total upkeep of infrastructures and general maintenance across all avenues. It was reported after, by many of the competitors, that the Bingara Campdraft Arena was in the best condition that they had ever seen it in which was very pleasing to hear after all the troubles endured.

A great looking Saturday morning saw the campdraft kick off at 7am with announcer Greg Johns getting the competitors organised in his usual professional manner and David Nicolles and Rob Coombes keeping the supply and return of cattle under control with the help of their backyard men, who the committee thanks wholeheartedly for their help as well but will not mention names as someone will sure to be forgotten.

ABCRA’s MRC Board Director Lachie Maxwell started the day rolling by adjudicating over the Maiden A Draft with a keen and learned eye over the hard fought competition which produced some entertaining and very good runs with a pretty good scoring percentage for a maiden draft. 103 runs later David Gillette riding “Tilley” and Ben McNaughton on “Courtney” were equal leaders on 87 points with David being successful in the runoff to take first place with Ben being second. Equal 3rd, 4th and 5th placings were shared between four competitors with 86 points these being David Drysdale on “Jaffa”, Norm Stagg on “Cricket”, Jim Southeron on “Decoy” and Tyler Berkley on “Raise The Bar”. Scott Sinclair riding his second nomination “Zeus” and Joey Latham on his horse “Macey” shared the Encouragement Award.

The Novice Draft also produced some hard fought competition between man and beast and opposing competitors, the cattle being a little more difficult than the maiden draft ensuring a lower percentage of scores in the first round in comparison to the Maiden.

L to R, Winner David Gillette, 2nd Ben McNaughton, Equal 3rd, 4th & 5th,Jim Southeron, Tyler Berkley, Norm Stagg and David Drysdale

When the going gets tough, the tough get going and so after 209 runs Annie Williamson won the first round with 89 points riding “Trade O’Lena”, Jack Gallagher on “Gold Ray” with 88 was 2nd, equal 3rd, 4th and 5th was shared between Doug Cover on “Pringle”, Mark Tonkin on “Connie”, Garry Brown on “Lori” and Rod McKinnon on “Expression”, the four all with 87 points.

Twenty-five competitors rode before astute judge Steven O’Brien of Inverell in the Novice Final vying for the rewards of his decisions. It was Garry Brown riding “Lori” who was declared the winner with 174 points, equal 2nd and 3rd with 173 was Angela Todd on “Samboy” and Rod McKinnon on “Expression”, equal 4th and 5th with 172 was Doug Cover on “Pringle” and Jason Birney on “Warrior”, 6th with 171 was Molly LeBrocq on “Katie”, 7th with 170 was Lachie Maxwell on “Abigail” with 8th place going to Nicole Coombes on “Beau Dangles” with 167 points. A very high standard of drafting was witnessed overall and everyone is to be congratulated.

Saturday night witnessed a large crowd pleasing ABCRA affiliated rodeo to everyone’s delight in the main show arena.

Sunday morning awoke to a heavy down pour of rain soaking and waterlogging the grounds, effectively causing the rest of the Campdraft and the Bingara Show programs to be both cancelled much to everyone’s sorrow.