“Our Future” Shopfront

August 11, 2016

We wish to create a physical space to entice & excite our community (and our visitors) to think about the future for our town & district (and “Wider Gwydir” – our Shire). 20 people met last week at the venue, the Roxy Café, to start to plan, and came up with exciting ideas, including the following:

• We will open on Thursday 28th August, then run for 3 weeks, Thursday, Friday 10am – 4pm, and Saturday morning.

• We will use the whole of the space.

• The exhibition will be in three parts. At the rear will be a small theatre, with a professionally produced power-point showcasing changes in the last 10 years (since the 2020 vision & strategic plan).

In the middle will be plenty of display space designed to consider plans & ideas already on the table, to ask “what if” questions, to stimulate visitors to put themselves in the year 2030 & ask “what sort of community do I want to live in”.

The front of the café will give you the opportunity to contribute, using a variety of mediums.

• The space will be manned by a minimum of 2 volunteers. We ask for volunteers to do only one 3 hour shift, at a time of their choosing.

Bring a buddy. We ask of volunteers only that they are positive & passionate.

• There is no such thing as a silly idea, & all ideas will be recorded.

• The space will also launch the revised Bingara Website.

• Ideas will be shared as they are generated by social & by traditional media.

• The space will appeal to all ages, & will be kid friendly. There will be a follow up meeting this Thursday, 11th August at 5pm at The Roxy Café. Everyone is welcome.

If you are unable to make this meeting, but would like to contribute then please contact Garry McDouall on 0428 834 281, Georgia Standerwick on 0409 901 540, Chrissie Smyth on 0428 684 447.