An afternoon of films for the young at heart

November 24, 2011

Sunday afternoon’s Film Club program has a theme that everyone can relate to and that just about everybody has experienced at one time or another – babies and early childhood.

‘Bringing up Baby’ stars iconic actors Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant, and was the third of four movies in which they starred together.  Produced in 1938, the script was adapted from a short story by Oscar Wilde and directed by Howard Hawks.

The second feature, ‘Babies’ was a worldwide hit last year and tells the story of the first year from birth of four babies from vastly different backgrounds.  Two are from rural and remote areas, the others are positively urban.

The film features brilliant cinematography and is directed by Thomas Balmes.  In documentary form, the 80 minute film works through the lens of the camera, without a script (other than the normal baby sounds!) , and covers the period from the babies birth to when they take their first steps.  A bonus is a short follow-up story filmed when the filmmakers visited the four babies and their families when they turned four.

Now in its fifth month of a trial 6 month season, the club has proved very popular.  It is not too late to join – membership to cover Sunday’s films, plus the December screening of boxing classic ‘Cinderella Man’ can be arranged either by picking up a membership application form from Bingara Information Centre, or by simply turning up at the Roxy on Sunday afternoon at the screening time of 4pm.