Balance and Bones with Bingara U3A

August 11, 2019

The Balance and Bones class run the Roxy Theatre by Bingara U3A every Monday morning is proving to be very popular. Bingara U3A President, Linda McDouall is a Balance and Bones regular.

“Despite the recent cold mornings, we are still getting good numbers to the class and the room at the Community College is heated to give us a good chance to warm up” explained Linda.

Balance and Bones is an exercise programme for mobile, mature aged participants at various fitness levels. It is a fun workout aimed to increase flexibility, balance, coordination and bone strength. It is DVD based and was developed by an experienced and qualified fitness instructor especially for the U3A NSW Network and its members.

On the ABC radio programme The Health Report recently, there was an item regarding the commonest reason for older people being unable to live independently – falls. The recommendation in the programme was particular types of exercise. These were: reaching and stepping; coordination and balance; and functional leg strength exercises. These all sound very familiar to the Balance ‘n’ Bones group!

“Balance and Bones just gets better and here are some comments from participants” said Linda.

“I really noticed how BnB had made me more flexible, better balanced and feeling better generally after an enforced break of a few weeks.”

“BnB is great for balance, coordination and lots of fun. Lots of those forgotten body parts are discovered. A wonderful start to the week.”

“I have noticed my balance is improving and coordination is a lot better and I enjoy the session and have a good feeling when finished.”

“If you are interested in joining the group you will need loose comfortable clothing, flexible shoes such as joggers or sand shoes and water, ” said Linda. “Some exercises use weights so please bring them if you have them, otherwise we have a few which can be used. It is possible to do the exercises without weights particularly if you have shoulder problems.”

Balance ‘n’ Bones runs at the Community College in Riddell Street every Monday from 8am. There is no cost beyond the $20 annual U3A fee.