Bilsborough Bus Service still serving school kids through lockdown

April 10, 2020

After 53 years servicing the Gwydir region, Bilsborough Bus Service has found itself reinventing the service that it offers. This week the bus company has responded to the changing social environment and added provision for several new services.

“We have never cancelled services and we haven’t had to today,” said Alan, who is fighting to maintain the service it offers to the community. Despite most students now remaining at home after detailed advice from the education department, bus services are required to continue running as usual.

Whilst the finer details are still evolving, the business is now looking to explore avenues to offer various delivery services along its existing routes. In conjunction with Symes Coaches, Inverell, Bilsborough’s is now able to offer collection of materials for school work from Inverell schools and returns of completed work for Bingara students.

For Bingara Central School students, Alan Bilsborough will deliver school work to students or pick up school work from parents (in their mailbox) daily. Macri Bus Service will pick up or deliver from students one day per week (Narrabri Road, Barraba Road, Gineroi Road) and Kevin Galvin will pick up or deliver from students one day per week (Narrabri Road).  Please contact bus driver to organise.

In addition to school support, it is hoped that the community can utilise this initiative with a variety of other businesses in Bingara. “If people ring the businesses that want products from, we can coordinate from there. Nothing will be too much trouble. The only thing we can’t transport is chemical,” said Alan.

“We don’t know what the need will be but if there is enough interest, we may be able to keep going through the school holidays, even if it’s just a day each week for each route.”

Meat on Maitland, who also offer their own delivery option, and Bingara Newsagent have been among the first to jump on board with idea.

Bilsborough’s Bus Service is open to supporting all businesses and encouraging community members to get in touch with anything they need to see if they can assist. It is hoped that current recommendations to restrict movement to only that which is essential can be sustained in this way.