Bingara Amateur Swimming Club update

November 4, 2009

In response to a mass mail out to the whole community outlining our situation, the swimming club held a meeting on October 21. 

This meeting was attended by eight people and we had several apologies and offers of help.  Most of our responses came from families who have emerging young swimmers. The general feeling of the committee was that we are not providing what the community wants for the money required to be a member of the club.

We have decided to put the BASC into recess for 12 months. We are currently exploring options to form a “Pool Support Group – Friends of the Pool” committee so that we can continue to encourage swimming skills, look at paying qualified trainers to run clinics and conduct evening activities.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, November 4 at 4.00pm at the Pool.  Everyone is welcome to attend and we hope to see more faces as the success of these ideas will also depend upon gaining even more supporters.