Bingara and District Vision 2020 Community Questions form part of Gwydir Shire Council’s Survey.

March 2, 2012

Six years after its initial Community Survey, Bingara and District Vision 2020 will review the “vision” process through some open questions attached to the Gwydir Shire Council Community Survey being sent to households this month.

It was the responses from the first Survey, shortly after the formation of Gwydir Shire that directed Vision 2020 towards the Vision Document, and identified the strengths that our community believed should be developed for Bingara to remain vital and sustainable.

In 2006 the community identified, the Gwydir River, Agriculture, Tourism and Conferencing as the main opportunities looking toward the year 2020. The newly formed Bingara and District Vision 2020 group took that lead to pursue the many programs and projects that has been its focus during the ensuing years.

The “imagine” tourist magazine, the Hall’s Creek junction bank stabilisation, “the Junction” Riverscape park, the Living Classroom project, the “Regenerative Energy” and “Country Town Living” regional forums, two “Discover Gwydir” tourism forums, the Community Economic Development Plan, and a number of supportive activities showcasing fishing, national parks and environmental awareness, have been undertaken by the organisation.
It is now timely that the community be asked again to say what it feels are the strengths and opportunities for Bingara and District. The questions in the survey are open in style so that the respondents can both identify and elaborate on their suggestions.

What do you think are Bingara’s strengths? How can they be developed or enhanced?
Please take a few minutes to discuss these questions with your family members and fill out the survey forms.

“It is the collective imagination, knowledge and wisdom of a community that forms the base for its future,” said Vision 2020 President, Rick Hutton. “Harnessing it is the challenge that Vision 2020 has set itself. It is made more powerful by the building of partnerships with community groups, Gwydir Shire Council and other regional and national organisations,”

As futurist Dr Peter Ellyard, a guest speaker at the Country Town Living forum said, “Country towns cannot say what their future will be, but they can take steps now to help shape it into what they would like it to become.”

Submitted by Rick Hutton,
President – Bingara and District Vision 2020.
Ph: 0428 255380.

What will this view be like in 2025?

Town view February 16,  2012
Picture of beautiful Bingara from Batterham Lookout.
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