Bingara businesses open doors to an interested young workforce

November 2, 2017

The Bingara business community has opened its doors to participate in the schools work experience program with students interacting in a work based environment to investigate possible careers in their future life. A total of 17 students explored the community and surrounding area of the workforce.

This year the jobs have ranged dramatically, varying on the students career interests. These jobs included bee keeping, shed building, legal work, livestock and property agent as well as vet work and hospital work just to list a few.

Several of the students were interviewed and all showed a deep appreciation of the businesses chosen for the work experience work involved. When asked how the work is for each student they happily responded with wonderful comments reflecting on the business.

Miki Stamenkovic and Cody McGarrity were both interviewed and both worked for the shire in the Informative technology department. Both boys enjoyed the work significantly, they cited “this was due to the warm welcome from the other workers and shire members’’.

They then explained that the shire was helpful giving assistance and especially thankful for the help and advice from Mr Justin Hellmuth, the head of that department. The boys also learnt new skills during their time with the shire and are greatly appreciative to the council for the experience.

Seth Keam spent time at the Bingara IGA and enjoyed the experience also mentioning the warm welcome from other employees at the workplace. He listed jobs that he managed daily and how he received assistance when necessary from owner of the IGA, John Bishton, and manager, Paul McLachlan. Seth was very thankful for the experience and expressed that as well as his enjoyment working at the business.

Chelsea Stevenson at the Inverell Saleyards.

Chelsea Stevenson at the Inverell Saleyards.

Chelsea Stevenson  has participated in the career line of a livestock and property agent during the week, spending time with the JA McGregor company branch. She also reported enjoying her time working there and learning a significant amount associated with the career. Directed by Damien Crump she saw a new side of that business. She has been to the Inverell saleyards to see the way an auction is conducted, and the work associated with that, and enjoyed the day’s event.

She also commented on the welcome she received and has enjoyed the participation throughout the week. She highly recommended the career, reporting she thoroughly enjoyed the time spent. Damien also commented on the positivity she showed towards the career and praised the interest she showed and effort put into investigating that career.

The school has also shown its appreciation to the businesses hosting students over the week.

“The students are very appreciative of the fantastic opportunities offered by the community and surrounding area,” work placement student at the Bingara Advocate, Lachlan Starr, said.

“The brains and heart behind the whole operation is Robyn Gasson who helps the students with the planning and achieving a work based learning event like this year’s successful work experience.
“Once again thanks to Robyn’s efforts and the business community for generously hosting the students,” Lachlan said.

by Lachlan Starr and Nancy Capel