Bingara Care for Kids Charity Junior Campdraft and Sporting

November 11, 2011

Some months ago Robert and Sonia Coombes of Bingara were approached about hosting a Junior Campdraft and Sporting event in Bingara. A year on and it looks as if the event is going ahead.  After helping to run the Bingara Campdraft at the Bingara Show this year, Sonia and her small but willing team of helpers feel more then capable to run the event.

The Campdraft and Sporting event which is to be held in April next year will be a major fundraiser for children within the town who become seriously ill and/or have to go away to specialists for certain medical reasons.

“There is not much around to help out sick kids,” said Sonia. “It is often a financial burden on families.”  The event is to be called ‘Bingara Care for Kids Charity Junior Campdraft and Sporting".

Being a junior event it is a great opportunity for children to get involved in a fundraiser, which will help people their own age.  “It will be a chance for kids to raise money for kids in need,” Sonia said.

Sonia says “We need all the help we can get. If the event is able to get enough sponsorship to cover the cost of the entire weekend the idea is to also give a donation to a local children’s project as well. One idea is to donate money to Bingara Central School P and C who are trying to raise funds to buy a school bus.

"The committee will be working with the Australian Bushman’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association  (ABCRA) and the Bingara Show Society to get the event up and running."

A meeting was held in Bingara on Wednesday.  If you were unable to attend but would like to be involved and are interested in supporting this event, or if you would like more information please contact Sonia Coombes on (02) 6724 7147.