Bingara Central School News: August 13, 2009 (Week 3, Term 3)

August 14, 2009

THOMSON CUP Students from Years 3 to 12 enjoyed another Thomson Cup athletics carnival on Wednesday. The traditional march commenced in Riddell Street in fine and sunny conditions.

Students and teachers of the three sporting houses Fraser (Red), Bradman (Yellow) and Laver (Green) looked great in their house colours. The new banners, other signs and decorations all made for a great spectacle. The drums set the beat and the marching columns set off for the main street under the watchful eye of marching judges Susan Hutton, Suzanne Hughes and Charles McKenzie. 

The march was viewed and applauded by an appreciative public in the main street before arriving at Gwydir Oval. The level of enthusiasm and commitment to this long standing tradition was evident among all the marchers and it is encouraging to see our students today upholding this important tradition. It was a difficult task for the judges.

However after long deliberations Fraser was named as the winning house for the marching for 2009 followed by Laver then Bradman. The march got the carnival off to a very positive start and competition in both field and track events commenced soon after. Again it was pleasing to see the high level of participation of our students in all of the events.

The efforts of the teachers ensured the carnival moved along according to schedule and well done to principal organiser Mark McGowan. Thank you to the P&C and Ellen McCosker for providing the canteen. Thank you to those parents and community members who attended and encouraged the students throughout the day. All this support and positive encouragement is of great benefit to our students and their overall sense of achievement in school. 

Mark Vale