Bingara Central School News, August 18, 2011 (Week 5, Term 3)

August 22, 2011

Former Bingara Central School student and now international opera singer Lexi Hutton, returned to school on Wednesday for an informal appearance at a whole school assembly. 

Lexi spoke to students about her time at school and what it has taken to achieve her goal. She explained that she was not always the best at everything but that she always tried her best at everything. She also explained that if she was not successful at the first attempt she kept at it, particularly singing, because she knew that was what she liked to do most.

This message was consistent with two keys from our You Can Do It Program, Persistence and Confidence. I hope students found Lexi as inspirational as I did. Lexi performed three short songs that thrilled everyone and I hope encouraged many to attend her concert at the Roxy on Sunday. It would be great if many of our students could attend. 

I have registered our school with the department for the Priority Schools Program (PSP) survey to be conducted next year. The survey, which is completed by families, is anonymous and confidential and seeks to measure the economic status of our school community.

Depending on these results, schools are selected to receive significant additional funding to support Teaching and Learning. Like the National Partnerships, this kind of funding is extremely beneficial to our students. Examples include the Quicksmart and Multilit programs. I will contact all families when the survey becomes available next year. We require in excess of 95% of families to complete the survey. 

The school 150th Anniversary committee are claiming the week from Monday 25th June to Sunday 1st July for the anniversary celebrations. Details will be developed and communicated by the committee with both school and community representation. 

Mark Vale