Bingara Central School News: February 18, 2010 (Week 4, Term 1)

March 1, 2010

P&C Levy
On Monday 15th February the first P&C meeting for 2010 resolved to implement a P&C levy of $20.00 per student capped at $50.00 for 3 or more children at school per family.  I fully support this initiative and have made arrangements at the front office for the levy to be collected on behalf of the P&C. 

A school contribution or P&C levy is common across public schools in NSW and our research indicates that the amount sought per student ranges from $20.00 to $120.00 per student.  The setting of our levy at $20.00 is clearly at the lower end of this scale.  The P&C  levy is additional to any subject fees such as those for maths and writing books in Primary and elective fees in Secondary.

I am much more in favour of a P&C levy than a school contribution because it gives
families the opportunity to participate in  how the money is used.

Two examples of P&C funded expenses this year include the cost of buses for students to access the pool and the supply of student diaries to secondary students.  A major fund raising target for the P&C this year is to provide drinking bubblers under the new Primary COLA so that students have a ready supply of cool drinking water at recess and lunchtime.  All families will be invoiced for the P&C levy this term.

P&C Meetings
The introduction of the P&C levy is an example of the worthwhile contribution of the P&C to the outcomes and achievements of this school.

Unfortunately in recent times numbers attending P&C meetings have dwindled  to an all time low level of dedicated and  concerned parents.  My request is that parents and carers reconsider their commitments at 5.30pm on the third Monday of each month and see if they can’t find time to join us at school and contribute in this way to our great school.   I believe there is a large but silent majority who consider the school is doing its’ job well and so choose to leave it  up to others.

However,  I remind everyone that ‘the world and Bingara Central School, is run by those who turn up’ and besides, our P&C meetings can be ‘fun’ and an enjoyable social get together.  So the P&C and I are committed to a recruitment drive.  We will give more publicity to meeting times which were changed to the earlier time of 5:30 to fit better with people at work and those who live out of town. 

Once again, please consider coming to our next P&C Meeting on Monday 15th March and join in, contribute and share the load.

Mark Vale