Bingara Central School News: March 26, 2009 (Week 9, Term 1)

March 29, 2009

Harmony Day is an initiative of the Federal Department of Immigration and Citizenship and is celebrated on 21st March nationally. This year our school was invited to host one of three Department of Education and Training regional activities occurring this week. Ours took place on Tuesday and we were joined by students from Croppa Creek, Gravesend, Yetman and Fairfax Primary schools.

Our Harmony Day proved to be an exciting day which allowed us to: Honour our (Australian) tradition of a fair go;  appreciate the benefits of our cultural diversity; respect each other; mark the day with a celebration of our success as a vibrant, cohesive, inclusive Nation and a badge, along with your fellow Australians to show that EVERYONE BELONGS. 

The students received a glimpse of aspects of other cultures in the form of the double sword and fan dances of China and Vietnam along with 250 orange balloons, badges, stickers and  arm bands. The two Melbourne performers, Sabrina and Yee gave a taste of their culture during the formal assembly and then provided the students with an interactive performance involving martial arts and tai chi movements performed to music. They also taught the students a physical symbol for respecting yourself, each other and the environment. 

While the performance by Sabrina and Yee from Cultural Infusion proved to be a highlight for our students, the visiting regional staff thought the Harmony Day dance by the students was the highlight and commented that it was the best ever. Thank you to Mrs Craddock and the primary staff who ensured that this occurred and the secondary students who led the dance. 

A day such as Harmony Day can only occur with the support, assistance and working together of staff. I would like to thank those for making this day a success especially the staff who were brave enough to don an animal suit, Mr Wright for his assistance with the BBQ and Mr Crispin for hosting the formal proceedings and setting up for the day. Mr Ray Allen organised and managed the BBQ and I would also like to acknowledge Mrs Ellen McCosker, who came to help with the sausage sizzle. Their work was greatly appreciated. The SRC ran a drinks stall under the management of Jane O’Brien and raised $276. There were a number of students who helped out in various ways on the day but I would like to make special mention of the following: Gabbie Brennan, Danika Fields, Meg Rampling, Tori Dixon, Nicole Coombes, Toni Small, Leah Reading, Blake Fletcher, Michael O’Brien and Blair Reading. 

Di Gallagher
Rel. Deputy Principal