Bingara Central School News: Week 10, Term 1 (March 31, 2011)

March 31, 2011

Last Friday a Gwydir Learning Region meeting was held at the Roxy. The GLR is an organisation that links all education providers together for the purpose of creating educational opportunities for learners of all ages within our Shire.

GLR members include all of the schools in the Shire,  regional DET staff, Gwydir Shire Council, TAFE, Community College and the University of New England. Like an educational ‘think tank, the GLR seeks to develop innovative educational ideas to ensure that there is opportunity, both academic and vocational, for our school students and community members. Many of our students have benefitted from the GLR initiatives in the past and I anticipate there will be many more to benefit in the future.

One of the goals of the GLR is to build capacity and sustainability in our community in the future. Ensuring there is educational opportunity is one way of achieving this, with the likely benefit of retaining young people in our community beyond school. To illustrate this point all of our Year 12 graduates from 2010 are working and/or studying either here in Bingara or in near by towns. I see this as a very positive consequence of our school now delivering Year 12 and HSC level.

As the building work nears completion we required some turf to be layed between the hayshed and library. VET Primary Industries teacher Mr Mark McGowan and his students saw this as an opportunity to undertake an industry study. They visited the turf farm in Inverell, cut and loaded the turf and then layed the turf.

Well done to these boys. Thank  you to Trevor Galvin for his work in preparing the site and builder Alan Taylor for the use of his truck to transport the turf.

Mark Vale