Bingara community joins with Leanne in cancer fundraiser

November 5, 2019

On Saturday night, the 26th October, Leanne Kilmore held her annual Pink Night for Cancer, in Honour of her sister Kym whom they lost 13 years ago. The night was a riot of pink with room decorated in all shades thanks to Amy Evans from Pally Styling.

The strong crowd came together to raise money and awareness for those we have loved and lost to cancer. “Thank you to all those that came along to support my night and for all the donations of gifts and money” said Leanne.

Some of the crowd who attended Leann’es fundraiser.

For the past eight years Leanne has planned and prepared this fun evening with a serious message. Whilst the evening focuses on celebration of life and remembering those we miss it encourages us to stay educated ad aware of our health. It provides the community with the opportunity to celebrate those touched by breast cancer and raise much needed funds.

Expressing her gratitude to those involved Leanne said, “Thank you to IGA, Bingara Pharmacy, Salt Cave, Debbie Baxter from the (central coast), Grace Walton & family, Tamworth’s Little Miss Balloons for the raffle prizes. Thank you also to: IGA, Meat on Maitland, Salt Cave, Brad and Kelly White, Steve and Tina McGarrity, Maureen Craddock and Megan Stamer for the Lucky Doors prizes.”

“A big thank you to the Sporting Club, DJ Steve (Steve McGarrity) for the entertainment, Amy Evans for decorating from (Pally Styling), Yvonne Foster(Leane’s mum), Tina Whitton and Gavin Smart, Dave Withers, for their help.”

Leanne and her ‘right hand’ helper’, Tina Whitten

“I think despite very tough times and the worst drought on record, people still found it in themselves to put their hands in their pockets and donate. Many thanks once again from the bottom of my heart to those that helped with my final tally,” she said.

The risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer by the age 85 is one in eight for women and one in 651 for men.

As of Monday the 28th, the tally reached from the event was $2420.00.