Bingara local shaken as Earthquake rocks Chile

April 11, 2014

Former Bingara girl, Kate Kakoschke, who is currently studying at Universidad Adolfo Ibanez at Vina Del Mar, Chile, reported being a little shaken but not hurt after 8.2 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes rocked Chile last week.

Kate’s mother, Elizabeth Kakoschke, spoke to her on the weekend, and was reassured of her safety.

The earthquake occurred close to the north coast of Chile, some distance north of where Kate is living. Because of a subsequent tsunami alert, Kate was evacuated to a safe area.

The quake occurred while Kate was headed home after uni. She knew there was something wrong when she noticed the unusual traffic flow and, she told her mother, the tarantulas were heading for higher ground.

Kate said Chile is well prepared for earthquakes, and has very clear signage in readiness for such an event.

Apart from the earthquakes, Kate is very much enjoying her time in Chile. She told her mother it is hard to focus on her studies surrounded by such beauty.

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