Bingara shines at jamboree (Jamboree results attached)

October 18, 2010

Bingara Pony Club, hosting the Zone 8 Jamboree on the last weekend of the school holidays, emerged winners with the highest point score.  They have waited a long time to beat Gravesend so winning on their home ground was so much sweeter!

Jamboree team 2010
Bingara Pony Club’s successful Jamboree team. Back row: Beth Ozols, David Collins, Kirsty Coombes, Rebecca Edwards. Third row, Rebecca Cox-McGowan, Nicolle Coombes, Stacey Duff, Cassie Sinclair, Joanne McGowan, Rebecca Hansford. Second row: Lachlan Anderson, Ethan Sargent, Aiden Sargent, Maddie Sargent, Madeline Coombes, Charlie McGowan, Lucie Boyle. In Front, Jaqueline Coombes, Colless Coombes, Lexi Brown, Megan Gilhome.
Karl Withers, Alex Stones and Elli Sinclair are not pictures as they onlycompeted for one day.

Bingara won 224.5 points. In second place was the Gravesend Pony club with 183, followed by Warialda with 118.5 points.

Winner of the small clubs competition, involving the six smallest clubs in the zone, was Tulloona, with 60 points.

Bingara riders won the first and second highest point score in the Junior teams.

Bingara’s senior team came second in the point score.

In the One Day Event, Jaqueline Coombes won the D Grade under 9 section. 

Warialda rider with Bingara connections, Mitchell Mack won the D Grade 9 and Under 11 years One Day Event.  Bingara rider, Joanne McGowan was third in that event.  Other place getters were Madeline Coombes, first in the D Grade 11 and Under 13 years; Lucie boyle second in the C Grade 13 and under 17 Years: Beth Ozols, first, Associate C Grade, with Alex Stones in second place.

Bingara rider, Charlie McGowan excelled in dressage, winning in only his second competition. Lexi Brown was placed first in the C Grade 11 and Under 13 years.

An estimated 200 people attended the welcome barbecue at the Showground on Friday night, with 150 attending a sit down dinner on Saturday night.

A total of 137 riders competed in the Jamboree.

Zone 8 Jamboree 2010 results

  • Under 9 girls: Jacqueline Coombes, Bingara 21 points
  • Under 9 boys: Mitchell Dight, North Star 19 points
  • 9 and under 11 girls: Becky Gillan, Garah Boomi 22 points
  • 9 and under 11 boys: Mitchell Mack Warialda 22 points
  • 11 and under 13 girls: Sarah Parkes, Moree 17 points
  • 11 and under 13 boys: Alex Seery, Gravesend 21 points.
  • 13 and under 15 girls: Rebecca McGowan, Bingara 18 points
  • 13 and under 15 boys: Hugh Spencer Upper Horton 19 points
  • 15 and under 17 girls: Charlee Hayley, Gravesend and Sarah Farrel Gravesend, Emma Botfield Warialda, 19 points.
  • 15 and under 17 boys: Jake Williams, Garah Boomi 24 points.
  • Highest overall pointscore: Jake Williams, Garah Boomi, 24 points.
  • Associate girls: Tallee Warrener, Gravesend 31 points
  • Associate boys: Brodie Towns, Gravesend 33 points.
  • Highest overall pointscore
  • Collins Family Shield: Senior fours
  • Eli Brown Shield: Junior fours
  • Scott Memorial Cup: Club comp, Bingara 224.5 points.
  • Eric Campbell Trophy: Associates, Brodie Towns, Gravesend 33 points.
  • Club Cup Associate team Gravesend. Brodie Towns, Tallee Warrener, Haley Farrel, Trent Rhode.
  • Woods Family Trophy, Small club competition, Tulloona, 60 points.
  • Senior Teams
  • Gravesend: Drew Towns 23, Will Bailey 21, Charlie Hayley 19, Sarah Farrell 19. Total 82 points, first place.
  • Bingara: Rebecca McGowan 18, Stacey Duff 18, Lucie Boyle 16, Rebecca Hansford 16. Total 68 points, second place.
  • Garah-Boomi: Jake Williams 24, Joel Kraayanger 15, Maddi Downes 11. Total 50 points third place.
  • Warialda: Emma Botfield 19, Lachlan Mack 14, Maddison Connolly 7, Hannah Gunn 7. Total 47. Fourth place.
  • Junior teams
  • Bingara: Jacqueline Coombe 21, Lachlan Anderson 18, Colless Coombes 18, Aiden Sargent 17. Total 74. First place.
  • Bingara: Joanne McGowan 17, Alexandria Brown 15, Ethan Sargent 15, Madeline Coombes 13. Total 60 points Second place.
  • Garah-Boomi: Becky Gillan 22, Hayley Hancock 13, Meg Gillan 13, Jim Gillan 10. Total 58 points Equal third, fourth place.
  • Gravesend: Alex Seery 21, Jessica Towns 15, Maddie Armstrong 13, Aliarna Brazel 9, Total 58 points. Equal third, fourth place.
  • North Star: Mitchell Dight 19, Oscar Radford 18, Josh tonkin 12, Claudia Dight 9. Total 58. Equal third, fourth place.
  • One Day Event
  • D Grade Under 9: 1st, Jacqueline Coombes, Bingara.
  • D Grade, 9 and under 11: 1st Becky Gillan, Garah-Boomi; 2nd Mitchell Mack, Warialda; 3rd Joanne McGowan Bingara; 4th Ammie Cleal Tulloona.
  • D Grade, 11 and under 13: 1st Madeline Coombes Bingara, 2nd Rhiannon Byers Gravesend, 3rd Ben Johnston Collarenebri, 4th Jack McLean Tulloona.
  • C Grade 11 and under 13: 1st Alexandria Brown Bingara; 2nd Meg Gillan Garah-Boomi; 3rd Oscar Radford North Star; 4th Alex Seery Gravesend.
  • C Grade 13 and under 17: 1st Kate Johnston Collarenebri; 2nd Lucie Boyle Bingara, 3rd Tayla Macey Gravesend; 4th Kaitlyn Weeks Moree.
  • C Grade Associates: 1st Beth Ozols Bingara; 2nd Alex Stones Bingara; 3rd Talle Warrener Gravesend.
  • A Grade 13 and under 17:  1st Emma Botfield Warialda; 2nd Alicia Seery Gravesend.

Total points scores

Bingara 224.5
Collarenebri       26.5
Coolatai        0
Garah-Boomi        124.5
Gravesend      183
Gurley        17
Moree        90
Mungindi        0
North Star        101
Tulloona        60
Warialda 118.5
Upper Horton        88

Bingara Pony Club 2010 gymkhana results

Under 9 Years
1st.    Jacqueline Coombes

9 and Under 11 years
1st.    Joanne McGowan2nd    Colless Coombes
3rd.    Maddison Sargent
4th.     Hannah Perrin (Visitor)

11 and Under 13 years
1st.    Madeline Coombes
2nd.    Alexandria Brown
3rd.    Taylor Withers
4th.     Megan Gilhome

13 and Under 15 years.
1st.    Rebecca McGowan

15 and Under 17 years
1st.    Stacie Duff
Equal 2nd    Cassie Sinclair and Rebecca Edwards.

1st.    Danelle Withers.

Campdraft Top Score Trophy for the Highest Point Score in the Campdraft Competition: Madeline Coombes.


  • ‘C’ Troop – Walk Trot: 1st.    Millie Denton; 2nd    Caitlin Hansford; 3rd       Jack Brown; 4th Campbell Nelson
  • ‘C’ Troop – Test 1A: 1st Jacqueline Coombes; 2nd    Ned Denton
  • ‘B’ Troop – Test 1A: 1st Megan Gilhome; 2nd.    Kacie-Leigh Withers and Hannah Perrin (Visitor); 3rd    Maddison Sargent; 4th.    Ethan Sargent.
  • ‘B’ Troop – Test 1D: 1st Joanne McGowan; 2nd    Annabelle Holden; 3rd    Colless Coombes.
  • ‘A’ Troop – Test 1D: 1st.    Alexandria Brown; 2nd.    Madeline Coombes.
  • ‘A’ Troop – Test 2A: 1st. Rebecca Hansford: 2nd.    Nicole Coombes; 3rd.    Rebecca Edwards; 4th.    Kelsey Cooper.
  • Associate: 1st.    Josie Gibson; 2nd.    Alex Stones; 3rd.    Beth Ozols; 4th.    Danelle Withers.

The Ozols Family Trophy for the Highest Point Score in a Dressage Test:     Rebecca Hansford.

One day Event

  • ‘C’ Troop – Mini Course – Under 13 years: 1st.    Lachlan Anderson; 2nd.    Matilda McKay; 3rd.    Millie Denton; 4th.    Jack Brown.
  • ‘B’ Troop – D Grade – Under 13 years: 1st.    Joanne McGowan; 2nd.    Annabelle Holden
  • ‘B’ Troop  E Grade  Under 13 years: 1st    Hannah Perrin (Visitor);     Ethan Sargent; 2nd.    Megan Gilhome
  • ‘B’ Troop – E Grade – Over 13 years: 1st.    Charlie McGowan; 2nd.    Kacie-Leigh Withers.
  • ‘A’ Troop – D Grade – Under 13 years: 1st.    Madeline Coombes
  • ‘A’ Troop – D Grade – Over 13 years: 1st.    Rebecca McGowan; 2nd.    Cassie Sinclair; 3rd.    Lucie Boyle; 4th.    Kelsey Cooper.
  • ‘A’ Troop – C Grade – Under 13 years: 1st.    Alexandria Brown
  • ‘A’ Troop – c Grade – Over 13 years: 1st.    Rebecca Hansford; 2nd.    Nicole Coombes; 3rd.    Stacey Duff.
  • Associates – C Grade: 1st Beth Ozols; 2nd.    Alex Stones.
  • Johnson Family Trophy for the ‘Most Successful One Day Event Horse:       Rebecca Hansford
  • Les Brown Trophy for the ‘Most Successful One Day Event Horse – Mini Course’: Lachlan Anderson.

Highest Point Score

  • Associate Girl – Beth Ozols.
  • Girl 15 and Under 17 years – Nicole Coombes
  • Girl 13 and Under 15 years – Lucie Boyle
  • Boy 13 and Under 15 years – Charlie McGowan
  • Girl 11 and Under 13 years – Alexandria Brown
  • Boy 11 and Under 13 years -Ethan Sargent
  • Girl 9 and Under 11 years – Joanne McGowan
  • Boy 9 and Under 11 years – Colless Coombes
  • Girl 7 and Under 9 years – Jacqueline Coombes
  • Boy 7 and Under 9 years – Aiden Sargent
  • Girl Under 7 – Holly Duff
  • Boy Under 7 – Lachlan Anderson
  • Visitor – Hannah Perrin
  • ‘F’ Troop Girl Under 7 years – Tianna Sullivan
  • ‘F’ Troop Girl Over 7 years – Maddison Iskov

Most Improved

  • ‘F’ Troop – Mia McMillan
  • ‘D’ Troop – Sophie Szescodi
  • ‘C’ Troop – Millie Denton
  • ‘B’ Troop – Taylor Withers
  • ‘A’ Troop – Cassie Sinclair

Johnson Family Trophy – Most Successful Jumping Horse:
Alexandria Brown.

Alex Dufty Memorial Trophy for the ‘Most Successful Sporting Horse’:
Joanne McGowan.

Jacqui O’Neile Trophy for the Highest Point Score Over seven events:
Rebecca Hansford.

H. (Roy) Miller Award for 13 and Under 17 years Champion Girl Rider: rebecca Hansford.

National Bank Award for 13 and Under 17 years Champion Boy Rider: Charlie McGowan.

Robyn Gasson Award for Under 13 years Champion Girl Rider:
Alexandria Brown.

Robyn Gasson Award for Under 13 years Champion Boy Rider:
Colless Coombes.

Burnleigh Shield for the ‘Grand Champion Rider’:
Alexandria Brown.

Austin Legg Trophy for Citizenship:
Nicole Coombes.