Bingara Show to go ahead

March 26, 2010

With an enthusiastic committee elected at the Bingara Show Society’s recent Annual General meeting, The Bingara Show will go ahead on May 15 and 16.
Retiring President, Kelly Holland did not seek re-election. Elected to the position was Ben Monie.

The Show Society also has a new Secretary and Public Officer, Charlotte Gibson. Her assistant is Alex Stones.  Kelly Holland is the Senior Vice-President. The other Vice Presidents are Ben Mack and Graham Rattray.  Treasurer is Alan Mitchell.

The downturn in the wool industry and ever decreasing entries  has resulted in the scrapping of the wool section at the show.

In her report, Ms Holland said the Show Society had a fantastic show making a large profit and most sections coming out in the black.  “The show went off with out any major dramas, with the kids corner especially story time being a great hit, the rodeo was once again a great draw card for spectators on the Sunday afternoon.

“In November 2009 we ran our annual showgirl ball were we announced the winner from our showgirl competition which was the Alex Stones, the ball was another great night. In March this year we hosted the zone 4 showgirl finals where we had 15 girls attend.

“We held the interviews at Catherine and Ian Egan’s home and hosted 170 guests at the Roxy for dinner, an on stage interview and the announcement of the two girls that will represent our zone at this years Royal Sydney show.
“The winners were our Alex Stones and Keiren Jocobs from Quirindi