Bingara’s Economic plan received with reservations

April 16, 2011

The Bingara and District Community Economic Plan was tabled at the March 31 meeting of Gwydir Shire Council.

The report, prepared by Rick Hutton, incorporated information gained from the “Our Place” – Country Town Living 2025 Forum held in February 2010, as well as ideas proposed at the drop in and public workshop held in August 2010 and interviews conducted with community members.

The report “provides a blueprint for further debate and research and some clear pathways towards a sustainable, thriving future.” It makes a number of recommendations across a wide range of issues including tourism, the Living Classroom project, fuel stations, young farmers and John Mongard’s plans for Bingara.

The General Manager, Max Eastcott commented that the report needed to be evaluated. Councillors Rose and Tremain were concerned that the recommendations made in the document were not to be acted upon without Council’s specific approval.

Mr Eastcott said that the report would be referred to the staff for evaluation, a report then being presented to the next meeting. Cr Rose said that he was not happy that the report’s recommendations should be referred to council staff for evaluation.

“I want to see the report received and before any action is taken, it should come back to the council meeting. If we want the staff to follow up on the recommendations, they need to be directed by Council. I don’t want the staff working on plans that have not been supported by Council.”

Cr Tremain concurred with Cr Rose, eventually voting against the motion that the report be received. “Once the report is received, then it starts to go through the system, regardless,” Cr Tremain said.