Bingara’s Helipad “better than most major hospitals”

April 6, 2010

Bingara’s yet-to-be-completed Helipad was brought into operation recently when the John Hunter Westpac Helicopter Team  retrieved a local man who was injured on a local property.

Helicopter landing on the new helipad
The Newcastle based Westpac Rescue Helicopter comes in for the first landing on the helipad.

The Westpac Helicopter Team were impressed by both the helipad and the Staff of the Bingara Multi Purpose Service (MPS).  The Retrieval team were impressed with the high standard of care delivered to the patient at the MPS prior to their arrival.

The staff had stabilised the patient and had him ready for transportation. This ensured that the retrieval team could return to John Hunter Hospital in a manner that enabled the patient to received specialist care as soon as possible.
Health Service Manager Ms Susan Mack also congratulated the MPS team, saying Bingara is a very fortunate community to have a very dedicated and competent team.

The Registered Nurses are accredited as Advanced Nurse Clinicians, this enables them to provide care to patients at a higher level.  Most Enrolled Nurses who support the Advanced Nurse Clinicians, have Emergency Care Certificates.  It is not only the nursing team that respond to an emergency such as this.

The support staff such as Maintenance, Administration, Allied Health and Patient Support Services all play an important role in ensuring that the MPS continues to run smoothly during the emergency.

Ms Mack also acknowledged the local staff of the NSW Ambulance Service who provided their valuable assistance during the emergency.  When the Commonwealth Government provided funding for the MPS, they put forward a model where health care providers co-located on one site work together to provide for the best health outcome for its community. Bingara is a fine example of this model.

The local man was retrieved by the Bell 412 SP Westpac Helicopter who landed for the first time on the newly constructed Helipad adjacent to the MPS.  The pilots from Newcastle were so impressed with the workmanship and the quality of the Helipad that they contacted the MPS the next day to pass on their congratulations for a job well done.  They commented that the Helipad was of a better standard then you would find at most major hospitals.  

The Helipad is currently still under construction and the Helipad Committee are needing another $10,000 to finish the project.  The Committee are very grateful for the work done and resources provided  to date by Country Energy, Mr Keith King, Mr Mark Tuendemann, Hayes Electrical, Derek Rose, McGregors and Johnsons Concreting. These contractors have been ably assisted by numerous volunteers from the local community.

“It would be fantastic if on the next retrieval by the Westpac Helicopter, we have the Helipad site completed”,  Ms Mack stated.

“I encourage the community of Bingara to help us raise the $10,000 needed, any one wanting to make a donation, please do so at the Bingara MPS”.