Businesses, clubs and families urged to ‘pull their weight’ at the show

March 13, 2014

Bingara Show Society challenges the districts sporting clubs, pubs, committees and families to find a team to participate in the inaugural Bingara Show Society Tug-o-War Championships to be held at this year’s show on March 22 at 8pm.

Teams of five will compete for winning prize money of $500. Runners up will receive $100 if sufficient numbers nominate. Andy Hart and Bingara Show Society are sponsoring the blokes; while there will be a ladies competition as well, featuring $100 prize money sponsored by David and Helen Nicolle.

Normal Tug-o-War rules will apply and teams of five can nominate at a cost of $5 per person or $25 per team. Organiser, Daryl Burling has advised that an invitation has also gone to Barraba and Warialda districts.

“Bingara it is your time to shine in the sun albeit at 8.00 pm at night,” Show secretary, Robyn Phillips, said.

“Come all you manly and athletic Bingara-ites and strut your stuff, enter a team and take on all comers, don’t let us down and let a Warialda or Barraba team or someone outside the district become the inaugural Bingara Show Society Tug-o-war Champions.”

“With our Gwydir River Rats and Bingara Bullets to represent us on the football fields surely the local rivalry between the two codes will be enough to raise a couple of teams each or aren’t the men of today up to what our heroes of yesteryear were capable of?” Daryl Burling asked.

“Maybe the cricketers or the golfers will show them how it is done; with our sporting history of great champions made up of family names which include Dixons, Galvins, Gilloglys, Kings, Ramplings, Readings, Macks, McTaggerts, Munros, Smiths, Waltons, Withers, Wilkinsons and company surely their modern day members will rise to the occasion and make Bingara proud’ continued Daryl. Ladies do not forget that you have a chance to shine as well, all you need is determination.”