Copeton Dam Reunion

April 20, 2010

A reunion of all who had an association with the work involved in the construction of Copeton Dam near Inverell will be held from Saturday the 17th until Sunday April 25, with the Major Reunion Function to be held at noon on Saturday April 24 at the Copeton Waters State Park.

Copeton Dam was constructed between 1968 and 1976, and has a capacity of three Sydney Harbours.

All persons and families of those who contributed directly or indirectly to the construction of Copeton Dam or any associated activity such as clearing of the storage area or transporting goods to and from the dam, conducting a business in the construction village, involvement at the Copeton Dam Public School, Police, Ambulance, the administration of Copeton Dam (State Water and their predecessors), and the Copeton Waters State Park, neighbours and friends, have been invited  to attend.

Major Sponsors for the funding of the Reunion are State Water Corporation.
The major function will take place at midday on Saturday April 24 at the Copeton Waters State Park, adjacent to the “Bunkhouse”, not too far from the main wall of the dam.

Activities planned include Inverell Motorcycle Restorers Club rally, a fishing competition, Bus Tours to the outlet works of the dam, golf and lawn bowling competitions, social tennis, a dinner dance, a tour to the historic Newstead homestead, a tour of the National Transport Museum in Inverell (open daily), and Anzac Day March. Former teachers at the Copeton Dam Public School would like to meet former pupils.

There is a daily Copeton Waters State Park entry fee of $8 per car (free admission if you are camping or renting accommodation within the park) and a special long term rate for Copeton Dam Reunion attendees covering the period April 17 to 25 inclusive which will cost $20 per car payable on the first day through the gate, expiring at the end of April 25.