Do you Give a Gwydir?

November 2, 2016

Many Warialda residents are conscious of the threat of future council amalgamations.

Last November, Gwydir Shire Council hosted a summit where people could express ideas to help boost our Shire.

As a result of the summit, in a pop-up shop opposite the butchers’, some suggestions will be on show for community evaluation.

The pop-up shop will operate on Thursday November 3, Friday November 4, Saturday November 5 and the following week on Thursday November 10, Friday November 11 and Saturday November 12.

This is a chance for you to make further suggestions, give ideas for implementation and express reasons why something may or may not work.

Ideas range from the easily achievable to the more idealistic. Some ideas are commercially oriented; others are more intangible and directed towards wellbeing.

Some suggestions have been a sheltered workshop, a community garden with an amphitheatre, a town choir, tyre recycling, sand mining, a water refill station, producing power within the Shire and developing a circular economy, hosting a marathon, a horse ride to Coolatai or Bingara, resettlement of refugees, observing Harmony day, further promotion of local tourist attractions, a neighbourhood centre… the possibilities are endless. A number of ways to expand our bee theme include hosting the National Honey Conference, building the biggest horse-shoe bee and a giant mud-brick or glass bottle beehive.

You may have better ideas. Now you can have your say. So come, have a cuppa and give feedback to people in the Give a Gwydir group.

Yvonne Ledingham