Eco systems forum follow up

September 12, 2010

The Upper Gwydir Landcare Association is busy planning for the upcoming follow up to their very successful ‘Eco Systems Forum’ held in 2009.  The organizing committee has secured the services of Mr. Bruce Maynard as the guest presenter for the day.

Mr. Maynard from Narromine, N.S.W. is a fourth generation farmer.  With his wife Roz and family they operate a 1500ha property that has been transformed into one of the leading examples of sustainable agriculture.

They have incorporated Time Control Grazing, Whole Farm Planning, Holistic Resource Management, Alley Farming, No Kill Cropping and Stress Free Stockmanship into their management.

Over 200,000 trees and 320,000 Saltbush have been planted to transform the farm.

The property ‘Willydah’ is well known as a field day venue with some 130 major days conducted over the last five years along with numerous private visits.

The field day is to be held on October 14 at several sites within the Bingara district and should prove to be a worth while event to attend.

The Upper Gwydir Landcare association can be contacted on 02 67242052 or 0427291073, email