Effective communication across the Gwydir learning region

October 19, 2007

Each week it is intended that the administration of Bingara Central School will put together an article about the development and implementation of Year 11 at Bingara Central School.

Effective ongoing communication will be a strong ingredient that will ensure the successful implementation of Year 11 at Bingara Central School.

At Bingara Central School, we want our community and our shire to be involved in the continued development and growth of our school and the Gwydir Learning Region. It is our belief that education is the key component to community growth and development. We believe in the notion of personalised life long learning and we aim to have this focus continue to grow amongst our community.

The administration of Bingara Central School hopes that you will find this article each week useful and informative in helping our community to understand the many wonderful and positive things that are happening in our great school and in other great schools across the Gwydir Learning Region.

A community of schools
One thing that I did want to make very clear as we go forward in the development of education at Bingara Central School and across the Gwydir Learning Region is that our school is totally committed to the development and growth of the Gwydir Learning Region. It is imperative for the future development and continued growth in educational opportunities for our students that we continue to develop and build collegiate relationships across schools all over our shire.

The most important priority across all schools in the GLR is students and we aim to develop links across all schools that will allow all of our students to reach their potential.

There is also tremendous value in staff across the schools in the GLR working together for their own professional growth. If we can continue to develop ways and means in which staff can professionally grow together than the subsequent learning experiences that are offered to our students will be of the highest quality. This is something we are aiming for.

There is also great opportunity for our parents and great communities to grow together based around the central focus of ensuring the education that is offered to our students is of an exceptional quality.

What is happening this week?
This week a meeting will be held between Peter Harvey, School Education Director, Phillip Steer, Principal Warialda High School and Peter Macbeth, Principal Bingara Central School to examine ways in which Warialda High School and Bingara Central School can work together to offer the strongest possible senior curriculum to our students.

A focus of this meeting will also be an examination of a variety of ways in which staff at both schools will be able to work together in a collaborative way in the delivery of a wide curriculum as well as an examination of ways in which the staff in both schools can participate in professional development.

Later on in the week, Bob Johnston Deputy Principal of Bingara Central School will be meeting all the students who have expressed interest in enrolling in Year 11 at Bingara Central School. These meetings will also involve the parents of those students.

The important factor in these meetings will be the direct personal approach that the school will be taking to ensuring we are meeting the personalised learning needs of our students. Over the course of this week Bingara Central School will also be looking at ways in which the increase in staffing that will result from the implementation of Year 11 at the school will be used co-operatively to deliver a quality education to our students.

More information will follow in regards to staffing in the coming weeks.

By Peter Macbeth,
Principal, Bingara Central School