Flower meadow ready to bloom

September 20, 2021

A new project at The Living Classroom, Bingara, has seen a sea of flowers planted along the verge of the facility on Killarney Gap Road. Seeds from flowers suitable to be grown in the region have been planted, with further specimens being germinated in The Living Classroom’s nursery.

Seeds have been sown to start the flower meadow at
Bingara’s Living Classroom

At the front of the site, along a row of olive trees, a line of garden beds were first treated with steam to kill the weeds before being heavily mulched to keep them that way. “We have planted what we will sell. With small mass plantings in sections then people will be able to have a look at the species,” said volunteer Amber Hall.

“We’ve started with the street meadow garden so people can see, on a smaller scale, what we are planning for a larger space at the rear,” she said. “We have in-season flowers, so people can see what they like driving past.”

The idea being that people can see that maintenance of weeds is important, how you can mulch with what you have then visualise what you can do at home. The project will see cultivation in the Classroom’s nursery of plants that will be available for public purchase, potentially at the site but also through the Bingara Community Op-Shop when COVID-19 restrictions ease.

“We hope it will be an uplifting place.”