Former Bingara woman earns recognition in the west

February 10, 2018

A woman who was awarded Bingara’s Young Citizen of the year in 2006 has been awarded Citizen of the Year 2017 in Perenjori in Western Australia. Kelly Holland’s nomination shows that she has continued to pursue her interests since moving to Western Australia with her husband, Peter Egan.

Perenjori citizen of the Year, Kelly Holland, with daughter, Audrey Egan.

Perenjori citizen of the Year, Kelly Holland, with daughter, Audrey

The citation at the presentation, provided by the Perenjori Council reads: “Kelly Holland was nominated for being a strong Volunteer in Perenjori over the years, especially with her involvement with the Agricultural Society and the P&C. She has contributed exceptional time and effort to make events and functions memorable particularly with her cooking skills.

Kelly has also been involved in the Playgroup committee, volunteered at the Tourist Information Centre, involved in local horse riding competitions and has been a part of fundraising for the Morawa Swimming Club.

“Kelly is very caring and considerate, looking after people who are ill, takes care of animals when their owners are away and has coordinated numerous catering events for the schools P&C.

“One of the greatest gifts a person can give to people is their time and Kelly has demonstrated inspiring qualities, shown active citizenship and has made a significant contribution to the local community of Perenjori in Western Australia therefore is a well deserving winner for the 2017 Citizen of the Year.” I

n 2006, Kelly was nominated for Young Citizen of the Year by several organisations including the Bingara Show Society, Bingara Pony Club, Gwydir Shire Council, Upper Horton Pony Club and Bingara Arts Council. At the time she was Vice-President of the Bingara Show Society, and had been chief Steward for three years, and worked tirelessly in the planning and preparation for the annual Show.

Kelly went on to serve as Show Society President before she and Peter moved to WA. Kelly, an exceptional horsewoman, participated in Bingara and Upper Horton Pony Clubs. She also served on a Community Reference Group, representing the youth of Bingara, working on the preparation of a Sustainability Plan.

Kelly also put energy and enthusiasm into cultural events such as the Orange Festival, Federation Ball and other community events. There are strong parallels to Kelly’s community activities here and in the west. The big difference though is that now, as a mother of four young children, she has added school and playgroup to the groups she gives support to.