Gwydir Ark exploring Borah Road

June 21, 2018

Members of the public are invited to attend a walk, conducted by Gwydir Ark, along Borah Road next Sunday morning. The walk will take in areas of both natural and historical interest.

Moreton Bay fig

Moreton Bay fig

A Wedge tail Eagle, Yellow Eastern Robins and a group of mutated King Parrots were spotted on a recent walk in the area.

The rounded diggings left by past Chinese seekers of gold have been exposed by the current drought; providing a unique opportunity for clear viewing.

The walk is rated as moderate to difficult and participants are advised to wear sturdy boots and long pants because of the prevalence of Tiger Pear. Parents are also advised that the area is dangerous and that children will need close supervision. This is due to the recent advent of illegal mining which has left exposed deep shafts, posing dangers to both humans and wildlife.

The group will meet at the park between the bridge and swimming pool at 8:45 for a 9:00 AM departure next Sunday the 24th of June. The walk is anticipated to take about three hours and will culminate with lunch in the bush so bring something good to eat. Participants are advised to bring a hat, drinking water, sturdy boots, lunch and a chair.

wydir Ark looks forward to sharing the morning with you.