Holiday hand-ups for the north west

November 21, 2019

Through the drought a fantastic job opportunity has come about for local farmer, Marlene Brewer. With the help of Mark Mitchell, owner and operator of Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort and Angourie Rainforest Resort, Marlene is now responsible for giving away 70 holidays over the next year.

Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort

The impact of the current conditions facing much of NSW, brought Marlene Brewer to post on social media about just what this meant for her; how she would have to seek work elsewhere, moving off farm. This post was spread quickly and was picked up by Alan Jones of 2GB, who flew her to Sydney to appear on his radio program. What followed was a number of job proposals and offers of support, which eventuated in her current role.

Now looking for ways to spread good will and help to deserving rural families to get away from the stresses and everyday realities of the drought has become her employment. She will be working from both Bingara and Yamba locations, enabling her to continue to manage her farming responsibilities.

Farm to Coast, F2C, acknowledges that Marlee’s story is not an isolated one. The Farm to Coast Benefit Program was established to offer an uplifting experience to local farming families. The is idea to give a break to rejuvenate, rekindle, relax and recount precious time with loved ones. In addition, the concept aims to forge friendship between rural North-West farming families and communities, and the Northern Rivers Community.

“It’s amazing; I’m so excited at looking for ways to give holidays to deserving families,” said Ms Brewer. “We are aware of how difficult it is to get away at the moment, for farmers to get of the land. We are involved with XYZ, who come in and spend time with farmers, get to know what needs to be done and then help when you return. Miss Brewer is hoping to make this opportunity accessible to more people.

“It is early days yet, so I am looking at the best way to distribute the holidays. I am hoping to keep these holidays for residents of regions close to here, and throughout the north west where the drought really has hit the hardest.” “F2C is currently on the search for our first recipient. I am hoping to get someone away before Christmas.”

A nomination process is currently being developed. Keep an eye out in future editions of The Gwydir News for further details and exciting updates on the holidays hand-ups.