It’s a great time for recreation and regeneration at The Living Classroom

April 24, 2020

Although much of our life is currently in lockdown, we can still pursue some recreation to get us outdoors enjoying the wonderful Autumn weather. A place you might like to consider visiting is The Living Classroom (TLC) in Bingara.

TLC is a 150 hectare (370 acre) property on the south western side of Bingara. It was once part of the town common. Over the past ten years it has slowly been developing as the Australian Centre for Regenerative Agriculture. The theme has been on regenerating the site, from the soil up, to create a wonderland of plants, landscapes and activities, with a focus on education and tourism.

TLC is owned and operated by Gwydir Shire Council on behalf of the Gwydir community. It is truly a “growing concern” and it is looking very lush and beautiful this Autumn now that the drought seems to be behind us.

You and your family are invited to take a stroll around TLC to enjoy the warm days and the fresh air while maintaining those requirements of social distancing applying during the COVID-19 emergency. You can drive onto the site, park in the parking area and then take a stroll. A ‘photomap’ is available to showcase some of the things to see and do.

If you would like more information and a few tips as to what you can do at TLC please contact the Gwydir Learning Region Manager Rick Hutton on 0438 355 197. Rick will be delighted to help you enjoy your visit.

Submitted by Rick Hutton 23/4/2020